Applecart’s social graph technology is reinventing data and analytics

Part high-level strategic political consultancy, part data-driven R+D lab, Applecart develops innovative technology built to give you the most powerful tools and insights for motivating political action.

Applecart on Bloomberg's "With All Due Respect"

Mark Halperin, John Heilemann, and Sasha Issenberg discuss how Applecart's technology is changing the game in the 2016 presidential race


Our proprietary technology enables us to aggregate and process publicly available online and off-line data to redefine how political organizations mobilize voters, nonprofit organizations fundraise, and advocacy groups lobby elected officials.

Voter Mobilization

Applecart’s voter mobilization platform is a powerful data-driven GOTV solution that produces an unprecedented targeted turnout bump among low propensity voters who are impossible to turn out through other means. When the airwaves are oversaturated with TV ads, Applecart helps political organizations make the best possible use of soft money on a data-driven, scientific solution custom-built to mobilize large populations of the infrequent voters who could decide the outcome of the election. Applecart can target individuals as selectively as door-to-door canvassing, with greater effectiveness, and in places where canvassing is impossible or financially impractical.

Next Generation Targeting

Current microtargeting offerings provide insight into which individuals in a given population might be broadly receptive to a message, form of contact, or specific combination of the two based on probabilities derived from static variables. However, identifying social relationships between voters gives a campaign knowledge of how a given message diffuses among target voters and how voters impact each other. Using proprietary social graph technology, Applecart can build a map of relationships between voters in a given geography and target voters for persuasion, mobilization, or issue advocacy purposes by capitalizing on genuine relationships between voters rather than static modeled scores. Applecart’s graph technology gives political organizations the ability to build a grassroots effort that ensures that their volunteers and field staff are expending their effort speaking to precisely the right target voters.

Donor Discovery

Applecart’s fundraising platform revolutionizes university, nonprofit, and political fundraising efforts by identifying untapped donors and donor networks. Not only can Applecart find money in places where organizations would never know to look, but our platform also informs organizations as to the most efficient path for converting an identified individual into a donor. By partnering with Applecart, your organization can stop struggling to extract the next dollar from frequent, already-exhausted contributors and can identify new donors in places where you wouldn’t have found them previously.

Influencer Identification and Activation

Applecart’s Influencer Advocacy Platform identifies the individuals in a congressional district who are the most influential for the purposes of persuading a member of Congress to change their position on a given issue. Many organizations are tired of lobbying legislators with mass communications that are costly while delivering no quantifiable impact. Applecart’s proprietary platform gives organizations the tools to run significantly more targeted and effective advocacy campaigns geared exclusively toward the individuals in a district that are in a position to make a tangible impact on their legislator.


  • Complex organizations don’t have simple problems that can be solved by cookie-cutter frameworks and magic bullets. We are not driven by solutions based on what looks, sounds, or feels right — we only offer solutions that can be proven to work through innovation, experimentation, and objective data.

  • Our roots are in politics, where we’ve tested and honed our methodologies at the largest scales possible. We bring the urgency, efficiency, and ingenuity of a political campaign to campaigns and large commercial and nonprofit organizations alike.

  • We thrive on doing the impossible, turning underdogs into winners, and our track record speaks for itself.


We are a team of political strategists, statisticians, machine learning experts, engineers, and operations pros. We utilize our unique combination of political and technical experience to build scalable, scientific, and data-driven solutions to address the toughest problems facing the nation’s largest political, nonprofit, and corporate organizations.



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